Question: Why Did Mrs Pumphrey Treat Tricki In A Special Way?

What did Mrs Pumphrey do to build up Tricki’s strength?

When Mrs.

Pumphrey heard that her pet is recovering, she started to bring round two dozen eggs to build up Tricki’s strength.

Later, she started sending bottles of wine which would help in enriching his blood..

Why was Dr Herriot really worried about Tricki?

Herriot was worried about Tricki because he was in bad shape and very unhealthy. He was expecting the call from Mrs. Pumphrey because he knew the dog would become sick soon due to his over-eating habit. … It was a call to inform about the dog’s sickness and to cure him.

Why did Mrs Pumphrey call the doctor?

to Dr. Herriot because her healthy dog Tricky had became very fat because of lot of eating and he had greed for food with this he haf plenty of exercise. And was looking like a sausage with legs in it and his tounge lolled down with rumy eyes. Because of this he fell sick.

How did Mr Pumphrey keep her dog?

Mrs. Pumphrey overfed her dog ‘Tricky’. She gave him a lot of fatty foods such as ice creams, cakes. She fed him often and tricky never refused the foods given by her because he loved eating.

What was the main cause of Tricki’s problem?

Explanation: The cause of Tricki’s ailment was overeating.It was caused by Mrs Pumphrey’s strong affection and concern for Tricki. She gave Tricki so many nutritional food items such as cod liver oil,a cup of horlicks,meat etc and it made Tricki look like a bloated sausage and fall into ill.

Why did Mrs Pumphrey send eggs and wine to the surgery who had taken them and why?

Mrs Pumphrey remained anxious about Tricki’s health. The doctor told him that he was better and was convalescing. This made her think that he had gone through some surgery. So she sent daily two dozen fresh round eggs, wine and brandy for him—so that he might recover soon.

What was Mrs Pumphrey reaction to the word convalescing?

Answer. Answer: The word convalescing affected Mrs Pumphrey in such a way that when she heard that her dog is recovering fastly and swiftly, she started bringing 2 dozen round eggs every day to build up trickie’s strength, later she started bringing 2 bottles of wine to enrich trickie’s blood.

How was Tricki treated at surgery?

Answer: By a vetinary doctor Mr. Heriot treated him by giving water and other food without any medicine and surgery and he tried to control him diet . He made Triki play and did exercises with other dogs .

Why could Mrs Pumphrey not give any exercise to tricky?

No, Mrs. Pumphrey didn’t give Tricki plenty of exercise. She said that Tricki had little walks with him. The gardener, Hodgkin used to play ring-throw with him but he had to stop playing with as he suffered with muscular pain in the back.

What made Tricki get well so soon?

Tricki went under a surgery which was taken care by Dr. Herriot. He provided Tricki with the proper diet and exercise due to which he soon gained energy and was back on his feets as before.

How did Mrs Pumphrey treat Tricki?

Ans: Mrs Pumphrey was an extremely rich lady but was foolishly indulgent in pampering her dog, Tricki. She served him with cream cakes, chocolates and cod-liver oil. She did so because she treated Tricki like her son. 10.

What did Mrs Pumphrey bring at first?

Mrs Pumphrey gave her malt, cod-liver oil and bowl of Horlicks. Still, Tricki had no energy. The doctor advised her to cut down on sweet things. … The doctor gave Tricki nothing to eat for the first two days except water.

What makes you know that Mrs Pumphrey was a rich lady?

Mrs. Pumphrey was a rich lady as she used to spend a lot of money on buying expensive foods for her dog Tricki. She made Tricki eat so much that he fell ill and had to see the doctor. She also provided all the luxury to the dog and didn’t ever asked it do any work.

What was Mrs Pumphrey reaction after hearing Tricki good health?

Answer: Mrs. Pumpherty had a bad reaction to see that Tricky was showing little enthusiasm for exertion for he needed it considering his condition was growing bad. Explanation: Thricky is the dog who fell ill and had no energy.

How did the surgery affect Tricki How did Mrs Pumphrey react to see Tricki?

Ans. When Dr Herriot informed Mrs Pumphrey that Tricki was to be kept under his Supervision, Mrs Pumphrey almost fainted on hearing this. It was extremely difficult for her to be away from her pampered pet for a fortnight. She agreed only after Dr Herriot told her that that was the only way of saving Tricki.